Hobbs Heirloom Cotton - Fusible
2.4m wide

Price: $25.00

Hobbs has taken their best selling batt, Heirloom Cotton (80% cotton / 20% polyester) and added the convenience of making it fusible. Hobbs uses state of the art technology to apply a light fusible to the surface of the batt. The fusible is light enough to re-position and re-fuse, should you need to, but it is also heavy enough to allow you to fuse your layers, thereby reduncing the time consuming methods of basting. The fusible layer washes out when the quilt is laundered. It is receommended that the first wash be done in aold water only with no added detergents or washing agents. BULKY ITEM - Postage may be more than quoted. No Fat Quarters cut from this batting.

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