Lee Cleland

Lee is a high profile quilting teacher and author. She has specialised in teaching machine quilting for over 20 years, to both raw beginners and experienced machine quilters.

She teaches good machine technique based on traditional quilting. This lays the foundation to finding your own style of quilting, whether traditional or innovative.

Lee has won numerous awards for her quilts in Australia, has written two books on machine quilting, writes articles for magazines and is presently designing a range of stencils for machine quilting.

Her first book ‘Quilting Makes The Quilt’ has become a best seller and a standard reference book on the difference quilting makes to a quilt, while ‘Feather’s That Fly’ is a technique book on how to draw feathered quilting designs to fit any area of a quilt.

All of the above allows her to travel widely both in Australia and overseas, teaching machine quilting, seeing the latest gadgets and gizmos and meeting a vast number of quilters, many of whom are now personal friends. This means she can also indulge in her other loves, of travel and photography.

When not teaching or travelling, Lee lives on her property ‘Skyridge’ in the sub-tropical timber country of the east coast of Australia