Sue Spargo

Southern Africa has had a considerable influence on Sue's life and creativity. She was born in Zambia and then, in the nearby country of South Africa, she received her education and trained to be a nurse, She soon moved to England; this shift between two very different environments and cultures inspired many of her designs. The stark contrasts between the arid beige and browns of the African bushveld and the lush greens of the rolling hills of Southern England have continued to be a rich source of ideas.

Sue is influenced especially by the energy and color of traditional African designs. All these early experiences combined to stir her love of “primitive” arts and crafts and grew into her focus on folk-art.

Throughout her life the United States beckoned and in 1989 that dream was fulfilled and she moved to Connecticut and subsequently to Tennessee, Utah and Ohio. Each new State presented sharp contrasts and stirred new ideas. With each move she met many new and wonderful quilt enthusiasts and through them added abundantly to her knowledge and creativity.

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